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                                                       How we arrived in Bulgaria?
After have been visiting Bulgaria many times, we established some relations with the people from the country.
Our places of residence are mainly along the coast, the back part of the country and Rodopi Mountain.
the people who approach the country, the words, the surnames and the first names are foreigh.
For us these people form a part of our dearest friends: Miglena and Jordan (
Миглена и Йордан), Ivan (Иван), Elena (Елена), Boris (Борис) and his little restaurant on the coast, the bishop Stoyan (Стоян) from Ahtopol (Ахтопол), repairing all alone his small church at the seaside. With 40 years of routine in the building industry and after that in the real estate business.With the memory of what was Spain 30 years ago. It is obvious that Bulgaria will succeed to develop with the help of the political changes and its next entry in the European Economic Community.We have all decided one summer Sunday to gather our knowledge to create the first French-speaking site in Bulgaria.Our office is situated in the town of Bourgas (Бургас)We are close to the centre town, its narrow streets and the railway station. Our aim is to consolidate our efforts and after that to install branches of our company in other towns like the capital Sofia, in the towns of Varna and Plovdiv.In future we will be around fifty...Until now we would like to thank: 

- Vesela (Весела )

- Stefan (Стефан)

- Radost (Радост)

- Sylvia (Силвия)

- Kostadin (Костадин)

- Evgueni and Charles (Евгени и Шарл)

- Miglena (Миглена)

- Ilian (Илиан)

- Sonia ( Соня), Ivan (Иван), Velina (Велина)  And all these people who in their great modesty prefer to stay anonymous?


                          Come and join us, we are waiting for you!



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